Seatti for employees

Why employees love to use Seatti

Intuitive. Intuitive. Intuitive. Our team is simply obsessed with it! Every feature in Seatti has been designed to make its use as simple, straightforward and fast as possible.

Intuitive & uncomplicated

Booking resources in the office shouldn't feel like controlling a nuclear power plant. That's why all the features have been designed and integrated into Microsoft Teams. Book workstations, meeting rooms or parking spaces in your familiar environment. So you can quickly find your way around and get started right away - and without any training!

More certainty

With Seatti you always know in advance that a place is reserved for you in the office and where it is located. To make sure that the desk meets your needs, you can use filters to select the right equipment when booking a workspace. So you never have to worry about coming to the office and not finding a free space!

More certainty

Plan your office day with others

Hybrid working means you no longer know who will be in the office on which day. That can weaken collaboration and team spirit. With our location map, you can instantly see who will be in the office and not only join them, but book a seat right next to your favorite colleagues with one click.

Not ANOTHER staff app

Nobody wants to install the tenth employee app. That's why we've fully integrated Seatti into your MS Teams! You already have the app anyway and you don't have to find your way around a new tool again!

Not ANOTHER staff app

"With Seatti we were able to significantly decrease the complexities of desk sharing while increasing personal meetups between colleagues in hybrid teams. We love it!"

Stefan Hörhammer
Stefan Hörhammer
COO, Medialine

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