Hybrid Meeting Room booking

Book rooms in your company’s hybrid office. Teams have the right space for their meeting, brainstorm, or event.
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Book meeting rooms fast

Easily book rooms and invite colleagues with just a few clicks. Add photos to help find the right room, faster. No more endless drop-down lists in Outlook.

Book Catering & Services

Add catering and service requests to your room booking. Requests are automatically routed to the relevant internal or external service providers.

Catering and services

Integration with Microsoft

Meeting rooms are synced to Seatti via Microsoft Exchange. Invitations are sent automatically with MS-Teams link, and meetings are synced with participants’ Outlook calendars.

Quiet area

Filter by IT equipment and services

Quickly find the right meeting room: filter by location, capacity, technical setup, or catering availability.

Integrated in Outlook

"Seatti has helped us enormously with the introduction of Hybrid Work. We used it to find an app that allows us to easily book our workspaces at the Sartorius Campus and in our international offices. Because it's so easy to use, employees and the works council were quickly won over by the tool."

Beatrix Henseler
CHRO, Sartorius

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