Book meeting rooms. Quick & easy via Microsoft Teams.

You've arrived at the office, but there's no meeting room available? Next time, reserve a meeting room in advance!
  • Book your meeting room quickly & easily with just a few clicks.
  • This means that employees spend less time finding a suitable place to work.
  • Booked meeting rooms are easily entered into the Outlook calendar of all participants.
  • Filter meeting rooms by the right equipment.
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Book rooms & parking spaces. All from one source.

Book meeting room

After you have already booked your parking space, the journey in the office continues in a relaxed way. With Seatti you can book a meeting room for your upcoming meetings. And if your favorite room is already occupied by your colleagues, you can check our floorplans to see where the next available meeting room is in the building.

Find the perfect room

To make sure you have everything you need for your next meeting, you can quickly and easily find the ideal meeting room in Seatti. Just use our integrated filter option! Here you can find rooms according to their capacity or technical equipment in just a few clicks. You'll find the right room for your meeting in no time! Just invite all participants and the meeting can start!

Integrated with Exchange

With our workplace booking software, you can also seamlessly transfer your bookings to Exchange. Don't use Exchange? No problem! Our database provides you with all the data you need to implement Hybrid Work!

Quiet area

Integrated with Outlook

With the integration into the Microsoft system, your room booking is directly stored in your Outlook calendar and that of your invited participants. Do you invite external guests? No problem either! You will receive the entry directly by e-mail!

Integrated in Outlook

"Seatti has helped us enormously with the introduction of Hybrid Work. We used it to find an app that allows us to easily book our workspaces at the Sartorius Campus and in our international offices. Because it's so easy to use, employees and the works council were quickly won over by the tool."

Beatrix Henseler
CHRO, Sartorius

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