Seatti for Digital Workplace Management

How Seatti supports Digital Workplace Management

Everything you need to deliver digital work environments to your employees in a unified, integrated solution that's secure, automated, and user-friendly.

Introduce hybrid working easily & quickly

Hybrid working should be quick and easy to introduce. That's why we have kept the technical hurdles as low as possible. Simply implement our software in your existing system landscape such as Microsoft Teams, take over the users and their rights and get started right away. This way you can digitalize your company in no time and make desks, meeting rooms or parking spaces bookable.

Desk sharing without problems

Enable face-to-face meetings despite mobile work

In addition, employees can use Seatti to see who is planning to come to the office. With Seatti, teams spend more time at the same (physical) location and thus promote collaboration among themselves. And all this centrally in one place and with just one tool.

Analyze office space & increase efficiency

Analyze employees' anonymized booking data with our integrated data analytics. You can understand their preferences and make data-driven decisions about your office based on the analysis. For example, save on office space costs. Some of our customers have been able to reduce their real estate costs by up to 40%! You can also use this information to redesign your office and adapt it to the needs of your employees.

"With Seatti's Desk Booking Tool, IKB was able to switch to desk sharing in a very short time. We were able to reduce our office space by 1/3. Our employees have also accepted this change very well thanks to the intuitive and helpful tool."

Dr Ralph Müller
Board of Managing Directors, IKB

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