Share work locations & encourage personal collaboration.

The transformation in the world of work is raising many questions. Above all, whether hybrid working reduces social contacts in the company. With Seatti, you can see at a glance where your colleagues are working and what resources are available in the office.
  • Find your favorite colleagues & spend time together in the same place.
  • Stop spending the day alone in the office & don't miss the next fun team day.
  • Strengthen the team cohesion and corporate culture in your team.
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Share work locations in the office

As soon as you use the Workstation booking of Seatti, this info will be shared with your team right away in the location overview. So you don't need to do anything except schedule some time for a chat in between. But don't worry: If you want, you can book your desk anonymously!

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Also share remote work locations

"Will you be at the office tomorrow, or will you be working at home?" - So that you don't have to answer this question all the time, you can use Seatti to inform your colleagues precisely. If you're working remotely at home, on a business trip, or somewhere in Wallachia, you simply enter this info. And if a team member is nearby, you can arrange a meeting right away!

See who else comes to the office

Whether it's "worth it" to go to the office very often depends on who else is in the office. Instead of creating chat groups for each of your favorite teams, take a quick look at the location overview. Here you can see for each day who is planning to come to the office and where they can be found. Fast, smart and easy.

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Always know who is around at the moment

Now that you're no longer in the office every day, it's important to meet up outside sometimes - keyword change of scenery. With Seatti, you can see who's working nearby. So just fire up the chat and arrange to meet for a coffee!

"At Censhare, we try to make working as flexible and convenient as possible. Seatti is an essential part of this. Because the informal interactions created by Seatti contribute strongly to the culture and atmosphere of trust and openness."

Ester Donatz
CEO, censhare

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