Seatti for Facility Management

Why the Real Estate and Facility Team prefers Seatti

Hybrid working offers a huge opportunity to rethink and optimize our offices. We provide you with all the relevant data to implement the perfect space utilization concept!

Analyse utilisation data of all resources

Whether you want to see how much entire offices are used or how often certain tables are booked. With Seatti's data analysis you can evaluate and compare the utilization of each resource!

Identify potential for improvement

The booking data can be used to reduce office space and save costs. But the data can also help you change spaces to meet the new needs of employees!

Trying out new concepts

Unsure if you need more quiet zones or collaboration spaces? No problem! Simply set up a pilot space and immediately see if the new space is well received through the booking data in Seatti!

Develop space utilization concept

Based on this booking data, create a customized space utilization concept for your offices. Incorporate the results of the data analysis and, by redesigning the office space, deliberately create incentives to bring employees back into the office and motivate them to work in a hybrid way.

"Seatti is extremely important for us in our company-wide transition to Flex Work Spaces. Seatti supports our flexible working model by giving employees the security to book shared desks and come back to the office."

Anna Schmitt
Senior Property Manager, Osram

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