Seatti for Facility Management

Why the Real Estate and Facility Team prefers Seatti

The age of hybrid working enables us to redesign office concepts. Seatti provides you with in-depth data to optimize your space utilization concept.

In-depth data analysis for more efficient space planning

Whether you need an overview of overall office space utilization or insights into how individual workstations are booked, with Seatti's integrated data analysis you can efficiently evaluate every detail of your resources.

Quickly identify optimization potential

Use booking data to not only downsize office space and reduce costs, but also to better match space to your teams' needs.

Tests innovative room concepts

Unsure if more quiet areas or collaboration spaces are needed? Implement pilot areas with Seatti and immediately see how they resonate with your team based on booking data.

Develops sustainable space utilization strategies

Use Seatti's powerful data to create a customized space utilization plan that motivates your employees and supports hybrid working. Actively manage how your office space is used and promote a dynamic, hybrid work culture.

"Seatti is extremely important to us in our company-wide transition to Flex Work Spaces. Seatti supports our flexible work model by giving employees the security to book shared desks and come back to the office."

Anna Schmitt
Senior Property Manager, Osram

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