Smart workplace management.

Scalable workplace management for your hybrid workplace. Customize Seatti to fit your hybrid policy - not the other way around.
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Flexible, scalable administration

Subtenants can be managed locally, and you can independently scale sub-tenants across countries and adapt them to local needs.

Structure office management yourself

Role-Based Permissions

Company admins can authorize Seatti users to manage & analyze individual offices or areas and assign different admin rights to groups of admins.

Customize your offices down to the smallest detail

Self-Serve Onboarding

Create and manage resources independently as an administrator, and completely redesign the office structure as needed.

User Management

Assign specific offices, areas or workstations to individual users and/or user groups.

Customize your offices down to the smallest detail

"With Seatti's Desk Booking Tool, IKB was able to switch to desk sharing in a very short time. We were able to reduce our office space by 1/3. Our employees have also accepted this change very well thanks to the intuitive and helpful tool."

Dr Ralph Müller
Board of Managing Directors, IKB

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