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Scalable management at multiple levels. Easily deploy Seatti in the global tenant & at the same time allow local organizations to make their own configurations.
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How does the workstation management work?

With Seatti, you can manage your offices both locally and globally. This allows you to scale your hybrid model across multiple locations. Independently create resources such as workstations, meeting rooms or parking spaces and adapt your office space to the requirements of each location.

Structure office management yourself

Advantages of workplace management

  • Adaptability: Seatti adapts to your business model, not the other way around.
  • Self-Serve Onboarding: You can create and manage resources independently as an administrator, and completely redesign the office structure as needed
  • Role Based Permissions: This feature allows company admins to authorize other Seatti users to manage & analyze individual sites or areas and assign different admin rights to individual groups of admins.
  • Scalability and security: Subtenants can be managed locally, and you can independently scale sub-tenants across countries and adapt them to local needs.
Customize your offices down to the smallest detail

Manage your office down to the smallest detail

Our Role Based Permission feature improves Seatti administration. You can differentiate between company admins and local admins. This feature within our workspace management allows company admins to authorize other Seatti users to manage & analyze individual locations or areas without changing the basic settings in Seatti. This allows responsible parties such as team or department managers to quickly & easily manage workspaces themselves without having to contact company admins. In addition, you can assign different permissions to admin groups in addition to areas and thus differentiate between full and restricted admin access as well as pure analysis access.

"With Seatti's Desk Booking Tool, IKB was able to switch to desk sharing in a very short time. We were able to reduce our office space by 1/3. Our employees have also accepted this change very well thanks to the intuitive and helpful tool."

Dr Ralph Müller
Board of Managing Directors, IKB

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