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Hybrid Team Management

The automotive industry is undergoing a significant upheaval due to electrification. Innovation, structure & flexibility are required to remain competitive in the market. Seatti brings structure & flexibility - with solutions that enable teams to collaborate seamlessly and productively in hybrid work environments.

Up to 32 % more employees in the office

The world of work has changed - flexible working models are the new standard. But the hybrid way of working comes with hidden costs: too little presence and uncoordinated office use. With Seatti, you can optimize your flexible working models, ensure a balanced office presence and coordinated use of the workstationsto increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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Every journey to work is worthwhile

In an industry where locations are often strategically linked to production sites, it is vital to communicate to employees that their presence in the office matters. With Seatti, you can guarantee this by enabling your employees to plan their plan their presence in the office and, if necessary, coordinate with the right colleagues colleaguesso that they get the most out of it.

Ensure cost efficiency - strengthen market presence

The automotive industry is all about cost efficiency to maintain market leadership. Gain an active competitive advantage by working with Seatti to optimize office space and save 34% of your operating and rental costs. Gain a long-term advantage over your competitors and maintain cost leadership.

"I am delighted to join the Seatti team, which offers solutions to enable flexibility without compromising on collaboration and performance."

Janina Kugel
Ex-CHRO, Siemens

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