Analyze booking data & optimize offices.

Analyze office and space utilization & understand where employees spend their time. Make data-driven decisions about further investments in your office space with Seatti's integrated data analytics.
  • Analyze the utilization of your offices with anonymized & DSGVO-compliant booking data of your employees.
  • Based on this, understand where employees prefer to spend their time.
  • Use analytics data to make better decisions regarding the use & size of your office.
  • Reduce rental and operating costs for unused office space.
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 Evaluate office utilization

As soon as you have Workstation booking Seatti in your company, the tool starts collecting data. Analyze the utilization of all offices or individual floors and see where there are potential savings. Then you can start thinking about how to optimize your workspace or how to make your office look better!

Understanding Remote Work Preferences

The office, remote or home office - work locations have become diverse. And so have the preferences of employees. For a good working atmosphere and high satisfaction, it is even more important to understand what your team wants. With Seatti's data analysis, you can understand where employees prefer to work.

Make data-driven decisions

Workplace optimization is part of every company. Are you considering moving to a new office or renovating the existing one? Or are you in the process of drafting a corporate agreement on hybrid work? We provide you with the data you need to make informed decisions about workspace management.

100% Privacy Compliant

When it comes to workplace optimization, the protection of personal data must not be neglected! On the contrary: data protection is a very sensitive and at the same time important topic when introducing a hybrid work model. It was important to us to develop Seatti smart, but DSGVO compliant. Therefore, only anonymized data is collected in our software. This also convinced numerous DAX data protection officers and works councils. Seatti got their blessing.

"Through the individual administration of our office space, Seatti has helped us immensely to successfully implement Desk Booking at our company! Through the integrated evaluation options such as the analytics dashboard, we can make data-driven decisions based on office utilization and optimize our office space."

Hakan Kutlug
Head of IT

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