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Switch HQ to desk sharing with Seatti

With Seatti's solution integrated into MS-Team, Flixbus was able to convert its Munich headquarters and other offices to flexible workplaces in no time!

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Intuitive booking of flexible workstations - worldwide!

The DAX company is not only a leader in the pharmaceutical world, but also in the modern working world thanks to the international deployment of Seattis Office Management Module!

Case #
Becoming a global pioneer in the hybrid working world with Seatti

The DAX-listed company uses Seatti globally to get the most out of its hybrid workweek through workplace, meeting room and parking booking.

Case #
34% office costs saved thanks to Seatti

Our office management module was implemented as intuitive software for booking and managing the office. Thanks to desk sharing and utilization analysis, the bank was able to reduce its office costs by around a third.

Case #
Introduce desk sharing & optimize offices with Seatti

For the global financial services provider, numbers are naturally particularly important. With Seatti, they analyze how office space can be optimized from a cost and employee perspective.

Case #
With Seatti there are no more empty trips to the office

To give employees a permanent solution after 2 years of pandemic, Schmitz Cargobull introduced Seatti as a unified tool for workplace booking - first at HQ, then across multiple sites.

Case #
Brand new office & even happier employees with Seatti

In international offices, the DAX company introduced Seatti to make tables and rooms intuitively bookable and to strengthen collaboration in hybrid teams.

Case #
Desk sharing implemented in a flash thanks to deepest Office365 integration

The globally active bakery company uses Seatti to make even more efficient use of their office space through desk sharing, sharing when to work from where.

Case #
Improved organization of hybrid work thanks to Seatti

To improve self-organization & plannability in the company, Medialine needed a central point of contact for workplace booking. Thanks to Seatti, employees can plan their daily routine in advance.

Case #
Open Space & Shared Desks at the Stadtwerke München (Munich Municipal Utilities)

Take existing structures into account & still think new: Stadtwerke München uses bookable workstations & check-ins to occupy two-person offices multiple times or to rely on open space offices.

Case #
Excel & Co. were yesterday: Simple workstation booking via MS Teams

To provide a consistent framework for booking jobs, DLRG introduced Seatti as an intuitive booking tool for the entire organization.

Case #
Analyze & optimize office space

Through customized administration, Seatti not only helped implement Desk Booking, but also more closely examine office utilization and make data-driven decisions regarding office design.

Case #
Staggered introduction of desk sharing in close coordination with the works council

After a longer pilot phase, Welthungerhilfe rolled out workplace booking with Seatti across several locations. This way, all employees could be picked up & a concept could be developed with the works council.

Case #
From desks to meeting rooms: hybrid full-body workout with Seatti

The office in the capital is growing & there was a lack of space for more employees. Thanks to Seatti, limited resources like desks & meeting rooms could be managed cleverly. So clever that hybrid working is now also being introduced at HQ in Essen.

Case #
Making flexible workplaces internationally bookable

After an initial pilot phase in Germany, Dentsply rolled out workplace booking to other sites in Slovakia and Turkey with the help of Seatti.

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"Seatti is extremely important to us in our company-wide transition to Flex Work Spaces. Seatti supports our flexible work model by giving employees the security to book shared desks and come back to the office."

A portrait of a Seatti client
Anna Schmitt
Senior Property Manager, Osram

"Seatti has allowed us to significantly reduce the complexity of desk sharing while rapidly increasing face-to-face meetings between hybrid working colleagues. We love it!"

A portrait of a Seatti client
Stefan Hörhammer
COO, Medialine

"With Seatti's Desk Booking Tool, IKB was able to switch to desk sharing in a very short time. We were able to reduce our office space by 1/3. Our employees have also accepted this change very well thanks to the intuitive and helpful tool."

A portrait of a Seatti client
Dr Ralph Müller
Board of Managing Directors, IKB

"Seatti has helped us enormously with the introduction of desk sharing. With it, we found an app that allows us to easily book our desks at the Sartorius Campus and in our international offices. Because it's so easy to use, employees and the works council were quickly won over by the tool."

A portrait of a Seatti client
Beatrix Henseler
CHRO, Sartorius

"In addition to the ease of implementation in our existing system, one of the reasons we chose Seatti was because it's a small, agile team with which communication is particularly easy and fast."

A portrait of a Seatti client
Miachael Schöller
Head of IT Infrastructure & Services, Schmitz Cargobull

"Through the individual administration of our office space, Seatti has helped us immensely to successfully implement Desk Booking at our company! Through the integrated evaluation options such as the analytics dashboard, we can make data-driven decisions based on office utilization and optimize our office space."

A portrait of a Seatti client
Hakan Kutlug
Head of IT

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