Seatti for Human Resources

Why HR Managers love Seatti

Hybrid working can be a challenge for corporate culture. But with Seatti, you'll ensure that you'll continue to work together successfully in the new world of work!

Meet colleagues more often in person at the office

The most important question when considering whether or not to come to the office is: Who else will be on site? With Seatti's location overview, employees can see at a glance where their colleagues are working and can thus work together on site!

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Seeing each other outside the office

Your teams are mobile half the time? So why shouldn't you meet up outside the office? With Seatti, you can see who's working nearby. Just add your location when booking. That way, other colleagues nearby can see you and quickly book a meeting or room.

Promote exchange between individual departments

We all know that floor talk is essential for interdepartmental exchange! In the site overview, you can filter by departments and roles to finally see people from other teams again! This facilitates the exchange within the team and actively promotes the corporate culture.

Facilitate change management

Desk sharing can cause concern and uncertainty among employees. But with Seatti, you know in advance that a workstation is reserved, where it is and who will be sitting next to you. So everyone can benefit from flexible desk sharing!

"Seatti has helped us enormously with the introduction of Hybrid Work. We found an app with which we can easily book our workspaces on the Sartorius Campus and in our international offices. The ease of use quickly convinced employees and the works council to use the tool."

Beatrix Henseler
CHRO, Sartorius

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