Reserve parking spaces. Fast & convenient in Microsoft Teams

With Seatti, you can reserve the right parking space for your office day in just a few steps. This not only saves you time and nerves after an exhausting commute, but also allows you to concentrate on your work as soon as you arrive.

Seatti is already used in 30 countries on 5 continents

Reserve a parking space conveniently online

Driving is stressful enough - especially if you live in a big city and the constant search for a parking space is getting on your last nerve! Want to make sure you're guaranteed to find a parking space? Then use our parking space reservation tool and book it in advance as soon as you plan your office day. Take a look at the available parking spaces in our tool and reserve a parking space for yourself!

Always keep an overview

Where was the parking lot? Everyone is probably familiar with this situation from public parking garages. So that you always know where your parking space is at work, use our integrated parking space overview. Here you can choose the ideal parking space in a specific zone and select it from the drop-down menu. Just click on "Book" and you've already booked your parking space for your office day. Finding a parking space has never been so easy!

Manage parking spaces individually

E-cars, company cars or normal parking spaces - you can customize the parking spaces in Seatti to keep things organized when booking parking spaces. Mark certain zones for parking reservations in Seatti that are reserved for e-cars only and equipped with a charging station, for example. You can also activate spaces for booking for certain departments. Manage parking spaces individually as an administrator in just a few steps.

Discover why every team in your company will love Seatti!

IT department

Complex system integrations? Not with Seatti! Experience seamless integration with Microsoft Teams and Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) - without any additional implementation effort. What's more, Seatti is ISO27001 certified.

Facility Management

The age of hybrid working allows us to redesign office concepts. Seatti provides you with in-depth data to optimally align your space utilization concept.

Human Resources

In times of hybrid work, collaboration within a team plays an essential role. With Seatti, you not only ensure successful collaboration, but also strengthen your corporate culture.

Digital Workplace Management

Give your employees everything they need for an efficient, secure, and easy-to-use digital work environment - all seamlessly in one integrated solution.


Clear, intuitive and straight into MS Teams! Seatti is designed to help you get the most out of your hybrid workday - without any extra effort.

Works council & GDPR

Seatti is certified according to ISO27001. We designed Seatti in close cooperation with data protection officers and works councils.

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