Seatti for the management

How Seatti supports executive management

We focus not only on the day-to-day booking of resources, but also look at long-term, company-wide implications of hybrid working.

Introduce desk sharing quickly and easily

You want to introduce desk sharing, but don't want to turn it into a five-year project? With Seatti's integration into existing systems and processes, you can start using FlexDesking right away!

Desk sharing without problems

Analyse office space and use it more efficiently

With Seatti you can analyse all the occupancy data of your offices to see where there is potential for savings. Some of our clients have been able to reduce their real estate costs by up to 40%!

Understand and optimise mobile ways of working

With Seatti you can also perfect your mobile work concept. Because you can analyse when, where and for what purpose employees work mobile. This way you can develop the most productive and employee-friendly hybrid work model!

Enable face-to-face meetings despite mobile work

Informal, face-to-face meetings are the quickest way to spread cross-departmental ideas throughout the company. Imagine if the new colleague had never had the chance to pitch her idea to you at the coffee machine! With Seatti, you can see in advance who will be in the office and thus choose the ideal day for your coffee pitch!

"With Seatti's Desk Booking Tool, IKB was able to switch to desk sharing in a very short time. We were able to reduce our office space by 1/3. Our employees have also accepted this change very well thanks to the intuitive and helpful tool."

Dr Ralph Müller
Board of Managing Directors, IKB

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