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With Seatti, you enable your employees to optimally plan their office day. They can book workstations for exactly the time they need. This way, you can implement your hybrid model even better.
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What is flexible workstation booking?

Our flexible booking option allows your employees to have a workspace, parking space or meeting room for exactly the time they need. Whether only in the morning, in the afternoon or for a completely individually selected period - with Seatti your team remains flexible and can optimally plan the working day.

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Advantages of workstation booking for your team

  • Flexibility: Your employees can reserve resources for the exact period they need - this avoids vacancies and waste.
  • Increase employee satisfaction: You can no longer do without a home office. With the ability to flexibly structure the work week, your employees can enjoy the benefits of hybrid work.
  • Usability: Booking workstations has never been easier. No training necessary.
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This is how the workstation booking works

Specify the desired period for the reservation. Select workplace, parking or meeting directly!

Quick booking for creatures of habit

Do some of your employees have fixed office days or favorite places? With our quick booking function, they can take over all reservations from the previous week with just one click. With Seatti, you can help your employees manage their own work week.

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"Seatti is extremely important to us in our company-wide transition to Flex Work Spaces. Seatti supports our flexible working model by giving employees the security to book shared desks and come back to the office."

Anna Schmitt
Senior Property Manager, Osram

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