Seatti Check-In Assistant: Efficient Resource Management

The check-in assistant is integrated into MS Teams Chat. Booked resources (e.g. workstations, parking spaces) can be confirmed on the day of booking. Unused resources are released so that they can be booked by others. This maximizes the use of resources.
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How does the
check-in assistant work?

The Check-In Assistant provides an intuitive user interface integrated with MS Teams Chat. To confirm reservations for the booking day, employees receive reminders at predefined times. Unused resources are thus released for other employees and office space is used more efficiently.

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Advantages of the Check-in Assistant:

  • Reduce unused reservations: Avoid inefficient use of resources through reserved but unused desks, meeting rooms and parking spaces.
  • Avoid frustration with employees who can't book a seat even though there would be enough available in the office.
  • Long-term data for better decisions: Collect accurate, privacy-compliant booking data about your office utilization.
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Integration with MS Teams and data protection

The Check-In Assistant is integrated into MS Teams and is easy to use. The function can be turned on or off by the administrator at any time. There is no DSGVO or works council risk as with sensors or QR codes, as there is no time stamp on arrival.

Collect long term data

Improve efficiency and collaboration - without much effort

Check-In Assistant increases efficiency and collaboration in your organization by providing an easy way to manage spaces and resources. This saves you the operational hassle of applying and maintaining QR codes.

"Seatti is extremely important to us in our company-wide transition to Flex Work Spaces. Seatti supports our flexible work model by giving employees the security to book shared desks and come back to the office."

Anna Schmitt
Senior Property Manager, Osram

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