Workplace booking for the DAX

The implementation of hybrid work policies presents companies with special challenges: multiple locations, complex IT infrastructures, requirements from works councils and change management. Seatti's workplace booking software is designed specifically to address these enterprise challenges.
Workplace booking software for enterprise

1) Scalability and adaptability

What companies need: Hybrid corporate policies & operating agreements may vary from region to region. Yet software is purchased centrally. This means inflexible solutions across multiple locations.

What Seatti offers: Seatti scales from pilot projects with a few dozen users:inside to global rollouts with thousands of users:inside. With the ability to independently manage your officesyou can create as many rooms and areas as you want. Tenants can be managed independently, so Seatti can be deployed globally and managed locally at the same time.

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2) M365 Integration

What enterprises need: Procuring, deploying, and operating enterprise-level software requires managing a variety of technical requirements and vendors. The software you choose must be both powerful and work well with your other tools.

What Seatti offers: Seatti fits seamlessly into your IT infrastructure like a piece of the puzzle. Our market-leading integration with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem including Azure AD, ensures easy and secure deployment. Log-in and user authentication are managed via Microsoft SSO. Exchange resources and access groups are synchronized with Seatti, and Outlook integration ensures that bookings are automatically added to your calendar.

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3) Usability and service

What companies need: Reliable, easy-to-use software that people actually use. And personalizedAccount management, so that a contact person is always available in case of problems.

What Seatti offers: Your employees do not need to be trained! Because if they can operate MS Teams, they can also operate Seatti. And if anything comes up, we are there for you and your employees: You have full access to our customer support and get a fixed contact person at hand.

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4) Data analysis

What companies need: Corporate facility managers depend on accurate occupancy and usage data across their entire real estate portfolio.

What Seatti offers: Our accounting software provides comprehensive reporting and analysis functions. These allow you to track occupancy, identify trends and optimize office space. You can then make data-driven decisions about your hybrid strategy.

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5) Security and data protection

What enterprises need: Ensuring a seamless IT security structure in a hybrid setup is a challenge. So does your commitment to protecting employee data.

What Seatti offers: Our high standards in terms of data security go far beyond the usual "our servers are located in Germany" standard. While this is also the case for us, we have also appointed an internal data protection officer and are in the midst of ISO certification. Seatti does not collect or store any individual user data, only aggregated statistics. In addition, employees can decide for themselves whether they make their bookings by name or anonymously.  

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"Seatti has helped us enormously with the introduction of Hybrid Work. We used it to find an app that allows us to easily book our workspaces at the Sartorius Campus and in our international offices. Because it's so easy to use, employees and the works council were quickly won over by the tool."

Beatrix Henseler
CHRO, Sartorius

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