Tools for hybrid working: 6 tips

The introduction of hybrid working brings many advantages. But it also brings new requirements, especially in the area of IT and IT equipment.

IT must not only be optimally aligned with the new hybrid work strategy, but must also be extended to different locations.

Wherever employees work, the workplace IT must be optimal.

Tip 1: Use the right communication platform

In the new hybrid work model, communication is the be-all and end-all. It's no surprise, then, that tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack became more widely used as the pandemic unfolded. Companies needed a way to connect their teams, even if they were all in different locations.

Tip 2: Prepare for hybrid meetings

Companies need to invest in effective technology to unite all employees - whether they work in the office or remotely. In moving to a hybrid model, this means that many meetings will need to be hybrid.

Remember that it is important to ensure that all employees receive the same level of attention regardless of where they are working from.

Tip 3: Simplify setup for remote workers

When a company switches to hybrid working, it means that employees will spend a certain amount of time in their own home office. However, in order for them to be able to work from home without any problems, they need to have similar technical equipment as in the office.

Keep in mind that some employees' remote set-up may not be optimally equipped - even more so in terms of IT. This means providing them with new technical tools so that they can work efficiently from home.

Tip 4: Make docking stations universal

Hybrid working doesn't just mean adapting remote workers or redesigning meeting spaces. It can also mean optimizing the entire office space to accommodate flexible office space or hot desking.

Some companies are implementing desk sharing to downsize their offices and allow employees to work partially in home offices.

To implement desk sharing properly, you should pick a desk sharing software like Seatti.

Tip 5: Limit the number of tools

Hybrid working means rethinking the current IT setup in the company and investing in new tools and systems that facilitate this new working model. However, it can quickly become overwhelming when employees are overwhelmed with 50 new apps.

For example, purchasing Microsoft 365 and Teams for the entire company is one of the ways to make this transition smooth. This allows people to manage their calendar, calls and chats in a single application, for example. Microsoft also has partnerships with many companies, which makes it seamless and easy to integrate different applications into one system.

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