Seatti x Munich: 3 Tips for Team Outings in Hybrid Teams

Oans, zwoa, drei, Outing!

Seatti had its third official team outing, and this time it was in Munich! As our team and our company are growing exponentially at the moment, we realised that we need to start organising our team outings realistically.

And that means we will meet in places that seem most logical - where most of our staff are at the moment. And that meant Munich! But we were absolutely not disappointed, because it meant beautiful, snowy Christmas weather, mulled wine and fantastic Bavarian food!

We spent three fun and productive days full of energy in Munich, taking up practically the entire sixth floor of our WeWork and enjoying meeting our newest collaborators and seeing familiar faces again.

But amidst the laughter and productivity, we also learned a few things. And as we're excited to be the guinea pigs in this full remote working environment, we're equally excited to share some tips and tricks we've learned to create the ideal outing for remote teams.

1. work less, talk more

Seatti Team Brainstorming

We understand that it can be very tempting to work on small tasks and the project to-do list when you finally have your colleagues in front of you again: Discuss the latest marketing campaign, fix the latest bug, talk about existing deals. But we recommend trying to stay away from daily tasks.

Because if you're like us and you don't see your colleagues in the office every day, you have to take advantage of the fact that everyone is in the same place at the same time. And that means talking. We're not saying you should necessarily chat (although yes, we are saying that in point two), but we are saying that you should use the time you have together to have conversations about bigger issues.

For example, on our first day together, we decided to have a presentation from our C-team on the vision and mission of the future of the company. The year is coming to an end and it is a good time to reflect and look ahead - where do we want to go next year? We also had a long session on design and branding. Creative minds simply work best together in person.

So take your time and use the fact that you are face-to-face. Focus less on all the emails or phone calls on these days. Maybe you should even block your calendar. Just focus on what's important: team building and team cohesion.

2. take time for catch-ups

Munich Walking Tour

And this brings us to our second point: if you are already all together, take the time to share. While it's important to have time for important meetings about big issues, it's equally important to use that time for some bonding.

Remember, in hybrid or fully remote companies, you can't always see your team in person, and have the usual coffee klatch that office-based companies benefit from. But why is this so beneficial anyway?

Well, it's the kind of talk that connects and binds people together in a team. It is the kind of conversation that turns staff into colleagues and colleagues into teams. Especially for new staff, it's a chance to really get to know the team and for the team to really get to know them.

We often tend to underestimate the need for a work culture in remote teams. But it is even more important to do this successfully in remote companies. Employees who work remotely often feel lonely or disconnected. So make sure all employees are together and make time for each other.

We took the time to do non-work related activities. For example, we went on a Munich Walking Tour, combining mulled wine and a walk. We also relied on the tattoo skills of our CPO Johannes, and got a tattoo - in the middle of WeWork! We shared photos and videos of our pets, and did photo shoots - all part of team bonding!

3. ensures the integration of new employees

One thing we learn again and again in our company is that it takes a lot of effort (but it's worth it!) to integrate and onboard new employees in a remote company. New employees easily feel excluded or not so much part of the team. This is not a big surprise considering that they may not even have met the whole team yet.

Seatti Xmas Integration

Although we always try to integrate every new member into the team, we forget that sometimes you have to work a little harder. At our first team meal, we realised this. Suddenly it became clear that sociology had crept in - while the newcomers sat on one side of the table, the older staff sat on the other. The result? We all couldn't really exchange ideas.

But recognising these things is what is important to ensure a harmonious and balanced working team. We became aware of this and wanted to make sure that there would be a good mix the next day. We asked the older staff to talk to the newer ones and try to get to know them. At our next team meal, we made sure that the seating arrangements were mixed and matched. We changed seats often so that everyone had a chance to talk to each other.

We can't stress enough how difficult onboarding remote teams can be and how much extra effort needs to be put in to make them feel welcome and part of the team. Team culture is the "be-all and end-all" - and no effort is too great to create it.

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