Seatti x Medialine: Our case study

How Medialine improves staff interaction and self-organisation with Seatti

Contrary to many other companies, who had to implement and adapt to hybrid work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Medialine had already been working with hybrid models for several years before the pandemic. Medialine is a forward-thinking and innovative company that came up with the idea of introducing hybrid forms of work long before it was cool (and necessary). But even before Corona, there were challenges that the company had to face when deciding to make this transition.

The Problem:

Medialine is a forward-thinking company. Already in 2015, it implemented its first hybrid work concepts. But as the company grew, so did the challenges concerning workplace organisation. Desk sharing repeatedly led to irritations as to who would use which desk and when, and it became clear that an efficient solution had to be found. So, Medialine looked for a tool to support their hybrid work strategy.

The Solution:

Medialine decided to learn directly from the conflicts that arose and to manage them with their own strengths: Forward-thinking, innovation and collectivity. Alongside a stellar clear communication strategy and open ears for feedback, the company also decided to invest in a software tool that promotes organisation and efficiency through work location sharing and meetup enabling, making it easier for hybrid employees to meet in the office.

About Medialine:

Brothers Martin and Stefan Hörhammer recognized the growing importance of IT early on: They founded Medialine in 1999 and developed it into a full-service IT provider. Tailored to the real requirements of medium-sized and large companies, the range of services today includes IT infrastructure, cloud services and business solutions. Nowadays, they serve a group of medium-sized companies that are represented at more than 20 locations in Germany, Austria and Romania.

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