Seatti @Schliersee: our biggest team outing

Seeding Round completed ☑️ Team enlarged ☑️ Team outing organized ☑️ Let's go!

You're not supposed to toot your own horn, but July really was an absolute highlight in our company's history! And we are very proud of that! We had a wonderful team outing in Bavaria, our funding round was finalized and we have a lot of new team members to welcome! But let's start with our meeting in Schliersee. Between sheep, mountains and forest our (so far) biggest team outing ever took place!!!

Next Stop: Bavaria!

Instead of flying abroad this time, this outing took place in Seatti's home country: Bavaria. Even though it was a logistical masterpiece to gather everyone in one place (thx to Paula) everything went smoothly. From Berlin, Munich, Madrid, Malaga, Vienna and Paris all our members came to Schliersee, a quiet village in the Bavarian Alps!  

Why was the meeting just so important to us? Our team is growing and after all, we want our new team members to get to know and love the rest ASAP! And even though we all work remotely at Seatti, it's always better to do an onboarding in person, get in touch directly, clarify possible issues and exchange ideas on the spot. But before the onboarding started, it was time to say: PROST! The first evening was supposed to be a pleasant one, so that the existing team could get to know the newbies and squeeze them out.

Business before pleasure

In addition to all the fun, of course, the work must not be neglected. And work here means: working on Seatti, improving it, getting the newbies' ideas and much more! Therefore, there were a number of different workshops to clarify the status quo and the roadmap for the next months. And even though this sounds so typical for a start-up, it's really important that our departments exchange ideas with each other. Because everyone has a different perspective on the product. After all, we want to deliver a great product, make our customers happy and really make a difference!

After all the brainstorming, however, a good portion of fun should not be missing! Therefore, there were many different team building events to weld us together as a team. One of them was a pizza evening! Between endless masses of dough, it felt like we were building Henry Ford's Model T on an assembly line. Despite a lot of work, it was tons of fun and super tasty!!!

Pizza baking was followed by a relaxing evening on the terrace

Next highlight: our trip to the mountains for summer tobogganing. After a bumpy bus ride over hill and dale and a tour with the cable car to lofty heights, a beautiful view of all of Schliersee and the entire valley awaited us. And surprise: without us knowing it, there was a pool up there on the mountain pasture! After splashing around and a short game of mini-golf, we headed back down to the valley by toboggan run. Good thing, because a huge thunderstorm was coming up, which ruined our plans for the evening and we couldn't hike to the next beer garden as planned. Contingency plan: Dinner in assembly line work No. 2! This time: bolognese! We seem to have a penchant for Italian food.

View of the Schliersee from the toboggan run

Let's get loud! Seatti's first Karaoke Night  

After the last evening literally fell into the water, we still made the best of it. After dinner, a relaxed game night was actually planned, but then the karaoke machinery was turned on. The evening ended between Britney Spears & Co. and a small celebration. And it was just incredibly beautiful! So the weather gave us a fun last evening, maybe it was meant to be!

Bye Schliersee!

All good things come to an end! A great hit by Nelly Furtado, which, by the way, was not sung at the karaoke evening. After three wonderful days full of impressions and a lot of input we went home again. Some had a short drive home to Munich, Berlin or Vienna, the others had to take off again from the ground to get home.  

What we took away from this team outing? Our team is growing, the organization to meet every 2-3 months becomes more difficult. BUT it is worth it! Besides unbelievably great new team members, we also learned that every outing makes us grow together as a team.  

Our hybrid work model has many different benefits and it works for us as a company. While it is an ongoing process and can be stressful at times, we are confident that we will continue to adapt and grow as a team on our journey together!

Let’s talk!

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A portrait from Chris.